Mayday Now HereMayday, an influential rock band from Taiwan. With footprints covering Asia, the US, Europe, Australia and other regions, Mayday occupies an unshakable star position in the heart of Asian music fans.

Mayday (Youtube) has won countless awards for musical achievements. They received more than 150 domestic and oversea music awards, including the MTV Video Music Awards Japan and Best Buzz Asia Greater China Artist Award, and records they created are unsuppressed in the history of popular music in Taiwan – four-time winner of the Best Band Award, Golden Melody Awards (highest honor in the music field in Taiwan). This year, they were chosen to receive the Best Mandarin Album, Best Musical Arranger, Best Composer, Best Producer, and Award for Song of the Year and are the champion band for 2012.

Mayday never fails to create miracles in their concerts and has never ceased to challenge themselves. In over 200 concerts in their world tour, more than 10 millions of fans attended their concerts. For the two consecutive concerts held in Beijing Bird’s Nest in 2012, the 200,000 tickets were sold out in one day. Media in Asia praised Mayday as the “King of Concert”. UK media even dubbed Mayday the “Chinese Beatles.”

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